Hedgehog is excited to be testing out Organic Bactifeed.

I will be doing a series of before and after each treatment photos.

We will be treating our front yard 3 times in a 4 week span.

BactifeedIt is an all organic Biological soil conditioner.   By metabolizing organic matter and minerals in your yard, Bactifeed makes more food available to your plants and turf, thereby increasing the fertility of the soil.

Bactifeed soil conditioner reduces the need for watering and increases the uptake of nitrogen resulting in greener plants.

When Bactifeed is used regularly, it will maintain a stable and robust population of microorganisms in your soil.

FAQ and Information about Bactifeed


Before applying Bactifeed.  Week 1


2nd Bactifeed treatment 3/18/15.  It is greener but is this due to some rain, water when applying Bactifeed, grass coming out of being dormant for winter or the Bactifeed?  Maybe it’s all four!

2nd Bactifeed Treatment

3rd Bactifeed treatment applied on 3/29/15.  No fertilizer or lime down.  But we did de-thatch lawn on 3/26/15.  I will take a couple photos in a few weeks to see difference between front yard with nothing against Bactifeed side of front yard.

3rd bactifeed treatment 3:29:15

**Note – 4/3/15  We are working with Bactifeed to get formulations correct for smaller yards.  Bactifeed was originally designed for large scale farmers and we at Hedgehog need to adjust the quantity we put down.  They have been great to work with and our next testing will start in a few weeks.**