Hedgehog is very excited to be testing HumicGreen PetiGreen in Bend, Oregon.

If your like us, we love our dogs but hate the way our grass looks after they do their business on it.

We have tried everything from rocks in their water to special treats that are purported to balance their PH and not cause those nasty burn marks in your lawn.

We are thrilled to be testing a 3 step program to improve the health of your lawn!

PetigreenPetiGreen is a liquid soil amendment that gives back to the environment of soil. It not only adds organic material to the soil it improves the environment of the soil and actually promotes true organic activity. This activity starts the moment PetiGreen comes in contact with the soil. For areas that are severely damaged the arduous task the microbes have of rebuilding the soil begins so that you can, given an adequate amount of time, eventually restore your spectacular green lawn.

For lawns that have mild to moderate damage PetiGreen starts building the population of microbes in the soil that will help stop further soil damage. Over time the microbes work to protect grass roots and eventually prevent the formation of new urine spots in your lawn.

We will be taking photos of each treatment to see the progression.

Before our first treatment photo –

First treatment of Petigreen - full view

First treatment Petigreen

One full week post spraying Petigreen.  Week 2 photos taken on 3/19/15.

2nd week Petigreen

2nd week Petigreen photo - full view

Two full weeks post spraying Petigreen.  Photos taken on 3/29/15.

Post 2nd week Petigreen

2nd 1:2 week post

The Culprit – Cosmo the Whoodle is 6 months old and attacking the sprinklers.

2nd treatment of Petigreen applied 4/03/15

2nd Petigreen treatment - full view

2nd Petigreen Treatment

My little landscape helper.  He has to be in the middle of everything and loves the water including the Petigreen spray.

Cosmo the landscape dog

4 weeks in and 1 week post 2nd Petigreen treatment.  Wow is it greener!

4 weeks post Petigreen - full view

4 weeks post Petigreen

6 weeks in and looking lush and greener.

6 weeks post Petigreen

6 weeks post - Petigreen


6 weeks post Petigreen 9 weeks post Petigreen - full view

9 weeks post Petigreen

Final Results:  We put nothing on the yard besides Petigreen.  No grass seed, no fertilizer, no lime, no aeration….nothing.  The proof is in the photos.  It works!!  We knew the severe damage spots would need to be over seeded and were waiting to complete the test but they have actually gotten smaller.   Honestly, I wasn’t expecting much since we’ve tried so many things already but both our dogs are not leaving burns spots when urinating in our yard.  I take them to the park in front of our house, they still burn the grass so it is working.

After you do the 3,2,1 go! treatments, you will need to apply 1 oz every 6-8 weeks to keep up on it.  Totally worth it and I’m hooked.  Thank you Petigreen!


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Restore Your Lawn with PetiGreen