Petigreen Testing Round 2

Hedgehog is once again testing HumicGreen PetiGreen in Bend, Oregon. Last fall we moved houses and we bought a fixer upper so please disregard the messy looking backyard.  As anyone knows who owns a business, hard to find time off to work on your own house / projects. We purposely laid new tall turf fescue […]

Got dog Urine spots? Petigreen could be your answer.

Hedgehog is very excited to be testing HumicGreen PetiGreen in Bend, Oregon. If your like us, we love our dogs but hate the way our grass looks after they do their business on it. We have tried everything from rocks in their water to special treats that are purported to balance their PH and not cause […]

Organic Bactifeed

Hedgehog is excited to be testing out Organic Bactifeed. I will be doing a series of before and after each treatment photos. We will be treating our front yard 3 times in a 4 week span. It is an all organic Biological soil conditioner.   By metabolizing organic matter and minerals in your yard, Bactifeed makes […]