Hedgehog is once again testing HumicGreen PetiGreen in Bend, Oregon.

Last fall we moved houses and we bought a fixer upper so please disregard the messy looking backyard.  As anyone knows who owns a business, hard to find time off to work on your own house / projects.

We purposely laid new tall turf fescue sod and didn’t put anything except water and 1 application of organic, low nitrogren (8-0-4) in October 2015.

Our 2 doodles have done a number on the turf over the winter.  So far this spring it has had 2 mows and 1 day of running the sprinklers. That’s it.  Today, April 17th, I sprayed Petigreen for its first application.

Petigreen applied April 17th 4-17-16_Rt yard


I’m a few days past the 6 weeks for reapplication but I sprayed Petigreen last night, May 25, 2016.  Nothing besides Petigreen put on lawn, its mowed each week and I actually haven’t ran sprinklers on the turf since last time we watered in the Petigreen.  We have had a few days of heavy rain in the last 6 weeks though.  And as you can tell, yard still under construction.

Petigreen 6 weeks_left

And yes this is blurry but you can still see the grass.  Sorry it was very early to not have sun or shadows on the turf at 5:45am.

Petigreen 6 weeks a_left


Last night I sprayed my third application of Petigreen on July 14, 2016.  It’s actually been a little over 7 weeks but better late than never.

This test is flawed due to heavy construction in my backyard and serious lack of not watering.  Last weekend we brought in compost to extend the yard out to edge of patio and walkways.  At that time, I also put compost in the burn spots and seeded.  Since last weekend, I have been watering daily with an inch of water.  Prior to the over seeding, I had watered twice in the entire 7 weeks since last photos.

Thank goodness for the photos because its even hard for me to believe.  Please keep in mind that before putting in our sod we brought in 10 yards of compost and amended our soil.  Soil quality and consistent watering plays a huge role in how fast someone’s yard will respond and recover.  We are huge fans of top dressing and over seeding yearly.

Sprayed Petigreen 3rd application - left

Sprayed 3rd Petigreen - top

Sprayed 3rd Petigreen - Right side

Please note this will not completely fill in or fix the existing damage to your lawn that happened prior to Petigreen.

Petigreen works best if sprayed every 5-6 weeks and the lawn is watered at least every 3rd-4th day.  My clients yards that we use this on, water every 2nd or 3rd day and we consistently spray every 5-7 weeks.  Typical results are noticed after the 3rd spraying and we see serious reduction in new burn spots, the old burn spots start to fill in some and we notice tall green spots after the dogs urinate. At the 3rd spraying we overseed the old burn spots with new seed and 1/4″ of compost.

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